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When Less Really Does Mean Less
Adrian Shaughnessy, UK, 2012

Adrian Shaughnessy (UK graphic designer and writer)
When Less Really Does Mean Less, UK, 29 February 2012

Whilst European politicians are calling for growth strategies to save the failing economy, there can be no doubt that we have entered a period of contraction and reduced consumption, with no end in sight.

So far growing markets have secured a steady flow of work for communication designers.
But what will they do, when this source of income stagnates?
Will they have to reinvent themselves?
How do graphic designers adapt to this new world?

In his blog entry on »designobserver« Adrian Shaughnessy, a UK graphic designer, writer and critic, starts to paint a rather gloomy picture but leaves us with some hope.

What he does not say, though, is where exactly he sees our profession going.
So lots of food for thought for us!


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