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08.11.11 | 6.00 pm | SS 10 | M2.10/2.11 | design matters 19 (English)

Amanda Bowers (Design Disasters)

When Things Go Wrong


Amanda Bowers (US graphic designer)
When Things Go Wrong (from: Design Disasters)
Steven Heller, ed., Allworth Press, New York, 2008, p.97-101

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These are uncertain times.
Systems we trusted in, not just the financial ones, are failing.
Crisis managers have been appointed.

But is a quick fix really the answer?
Or are there other lessons to be learned?
Maybe failure is necessary and beneficial to the evolution of any system or process.
Could we, therefore, embrace mistakes as a source of creativity?

And how do graphic designers respond to things going wrong?
Are they able to work with the accidental?
What do they lose when relinquishing control? What do they gain?
Could the accident even have the power to illuminate or imply meaning?

Amanda Bowers, a US graphic designer, shares her thoughts
and experiences on this issue in a text well worth reading.

It may make you think about the way you handle mistakes
and what this means for the creative processes you are involved in.

This is the platform to exchange your thoughts with your peers.
We are looking forward to your take on this issue.


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