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18.05.11 I 6.00 pm I SS 11 I Orangerie I design matters 18 (English)

Cities and the Creative Class (extract)

Richard Florida, Routledge, New York, US, 2005


Richard Florida, US urban studies theorist, professor
Cities and the Creative Class (extract)
Routledge, New York, US, 2005, p. 33-38

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Meeting in the heart of our city, there could be no better opportunity to discuss a theory, that has become the holy grail for urban planners across the globe.

Since, in 2002, Richard Florida, a US urban studies theorist and professor in Toronto,
identified the ‘Creative Class’ as key driver for urban renewal, cities across
the globe have entered a competition to attract creative professionals:

Scientists, engineers, university professors, poets, novelists, artists, entertainers,
actors, designers, architects, nonfiction writers, editors, cultural figures,
think-tank researchers, analysts, …

Our presence as designers is considered a guarantee for a brighter future.
This is until we start questioning the status quo.

So, should we take advantage of our newly gained popularity and agree to serve 
as currency in urban image politics or do we want to determine ourselves,
which role to play in the shaping of our cities’ future.

And if we, as communication designers, decide for the latter, what
contribution are we able and willing to make?

There is simply more at stake than the appearance of our city walls.
About time, we gave this some consideration.


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