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15.12.10 I 6.00 pm I SS 10 I K1.01 I design matters 16 (English)

The Macramé of Resistance (extract)

Lorraine Wild, Emigre 47, US, 1998


Lorraine Wild, graphic designer, writer, educator
The Macramé of Resistance (extract)
Emigre 47, Relocating Design, US, 1998dksdflsödk

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Lorraine Wild’s thoughts on design as craft predate the current debate on this subject, fuelled by the US-sociologist Richard Sennett and others.

Still, what this American graphic designer, writer and educator has to say is
none the less worth noting.

Her words throw up some pertinent questions concerning today’s design practise.

Is there still a place for craftsmanship in a technology driven design world?
What does craftsmanship in the 21st century look like?
Which characteristics do we associate with crafted artefacts in design?

And what about you?
What makes your work special?
What’s the secret ingredient, that separates it from being average?
Is it the idea, the execution, your personal handwriting, or …?

You tell us!


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