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30.06.2010 | 6.00 pm | SS 10 | M3.09a/courtyard | design matters 14 (English)

The BP Brand’s Avoidable Fall;

BP drops shield in favour of floral emblem


Stephen A. Greyser
The BP Brand’s Avoidable Fall
Harvard Business School, Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Carl Mortished, International Business Editor
BP drops shield in favour of floral emblem
The Times, Tuesday, 25 July 2000


The current environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico turns
BP’s green brand positioning into a farce. Its empty promise has
contributed to the fall of one of the largest oil companies in the world.

Stephen A. Greyser, Professor Emeritus at Harvard Business School,
and Carl Mortished, International Business Editor at The Times,
voiced their doubts at the launch of BP’s new brand identity.

But is it that easy to predict the fate of a brand at the time of its birth?
Could the fall of BP’s brand have been avoided?

And if so, who should have advised BP not to take the
environmental highground, could have challenged their good intentions –
the marketing managers, brand consultants or designers?

Are designers in a positon to question the integrity of a
brand strategy suggested to them by a client?

And how do we respond to the current hype of every second brand wanting
to be seen as »green«? How do we know, whether a client
is overstating their green commitment?

Are there any trustworthy brands out there?
Who do you believe? You tell us!!!


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