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09.06.2010 | 6.00 pm | SS 10 | M2.10/2.11 | design matters 13 (English)

Jeffery Keedy, Lift and Seperate

I like vernacular … NOT

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For Jeffery Keedy, design critic and teacher at California Institute
of the Arts, graphic designers in the post-modern era draw too easily
on graphic styles from the past.

To him it seems that the vernacular idea in graphic design has pretty
much played itself out. The cult of »retro« has reached a dead end.

Keedy, therefore, proposes that we return to the old business
of inventing the future.

But where will we turn to in order to find inspiration for
tomorrow’s design language, – if not to the world shaped
by our predecessors?

How can we reinvent the past rather than merely copy it?


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