design matters 10

Design Matters 10

17.06.2009 | 6.00 pm | SS09 | Preview Gallery | design matters 10 (English)

Street Art Sell Out

›Guerilla‹ Advertising Masquerades as Graffiti

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In the 1970s the French philosopher Jean Baudrillard called for an »uprising of symbols« and the graffiti movement set out to reclaim public space from advertising.

But today’s advertising industry has recognised the allure of graffiti to a younger audience and increasingly uses street art to spread commercial messages.

What happened to the subversive power of street culture?
Is commerce undermining the authentic voice of public self expression?
Are some street artists betraying their roots by taking on commercial jobs or has the political agenda of the early days lost it’s meaning?
What’s the response of those who have stayed true to the principlesof the founding generation?


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